Monday, March 26, 2007

World Premier: My Movie!

This is kinda a big deal. I'm about to unleash, what could possibly be the most embarrassing thing I have of me. It's been a well kept secret for years. The type of thing that normal people would want to keep under lock and key, burn under the slight chance that a girl I take home hears my Mom say something like, "Say Justin, whatever happened to that movie you made a long time ago with your cousins?"

The normal Justin would wince in horror.

To say I play a large rabbit in costume with a black cape and I kill people for the better half of the movie doesn't do it justice, but it does explain why I might be a tad embarrassed to show the world what me, my siblings and my cousins made one summer in the 80's. Yeah normal people wouldn't dream of broadcasting something like this, but I'm not normal, I'm embracing my checkered past as an overgrown killer bunny rabbit.

Heh, to put it in context though, basically this costume I'm wearing in the movie hails from a character I created when I was obessed with Garfield comics. I wanted to have my own character so... Gabbit the Rabbit was born. That following October after I began drawing Gabbit, my Mom pulled out the Mom of the Year award for actually making my own creation for Halloween. She rocked that year. A year or so later, all my cousins were around for the summer and we got to talking and somehow we all decided, spur of the moment to make a movie. Keep in mind we were all roughly around 6-13 or so, but our idea was simple, we decided to make a movie about a killer bunny rabbit, essentially because we actually had a big bunny rabbit consume.

It can get much can-do-anything-kid-attitude than that. The following 23 minutes basically encapsulates my childhood, for good and ill, because well, the movie is laughably bad, but arguably MORE entertaining than say Dana Carvey's Master of Disguise especially if you grew up in the 80's. Because therein, you'll see many things that'll bring a smile to your face, things you know YOU actually wore, yes, tight fitting levi shorts, rolled up in the knee, NEON clothing, Levi jackets, SPANDEX shorts, and oversized trucker boy scout hats, are all majestically represented. You'll even see a leopard skinned tennis cap! Clothing aside, you'll catch a glance at a commodore 64 (that's 64 bits of RAM, we usually have a gig now) in all it's glory (best selling PC of all time). You'll see a yellow linoleum in our kitchen floor, strait from the 70's, with a yellowish fridge to match, phones with twirly cords, those scooters everyone had back then, and a--I kid you not, a Stairmaster.

We made this masterpiece with a dinosaur camcorder three times the size of our heads, all the while having to lug around an attached 15 lb VCR, so keep that in mind when absolutely nothing is in focus for minutes at a time. But take heart knowing when the focus comes in you'll be taking a trip back in time, back to the good ole days, when Summer was eternal. Sheesh I look at those immensely green lawns of the street I grew up on and can't help but wax nostalgic. But the film is nearly completely unscripted, it took us all day, and we enjoyed every minute of making it.

So long story short, me and my siblings got together and took the original footage and you could say remastered it. We cut and sliced, added music, credits, the works. The finished product is what might be terms the "director's cut", but to me, it pays homage to the distant time when we all were just being kids. A bunch of us are all grown up now, one of us is out there in Iraq (the scooter kid that goes AHHH!), some of us have kids, and some are just big kids still, but this is for all of us to remember, even for you to remember those times, hopefully this somehow in some strange inexplicable way takes ya back. But one day, all of us are going to get together again and make the sequel. Just don't say I didn't warn you when you can't sleep at night, worrying about a killer bunny rabbit.

So without any further blah blah, I present the best/worst kid made movie of all time.

Grab some friends/family members/co-workers, and prepare to experience something unlike anything you've ever seen...

GABBIT: The Killer Rabbit

Follow the google link in the corner to view in a bigger format

Link to bigger version, seriously go here to watch

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