Friday, February 23, 2007

Barack Obama FTW!

I officially endorse Barack Obama after reading his recent book Audacity of Hope Suffice to say I wish all political candidates wrote a book in the same format as Mr. Obama. From his political philosophy within much of the relevant issues today, to his history, and the history of modern American politics, to his fervent respect of Lincoln, to his grapple with overcoming what we all fear politicians become in office. I listened to the audio book, in which he narrates. It was good to hear the inflections in his voice. Got a good feel for him now. Much of my skepticism of Barack Obama was gone by the time I finished, I came away impressed. Not only does his biggest concerns mirror my own, but he comes off as, what's the word, uh, yeah, intelligent, and above all genuine.

I'd recommend either the book or the audio book if you're interested in finding out what he's all about. Good read/listen.

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