Friday, January 27, 2006


I still can’t believe what happened to me last night. I’m still shaking. I need to get this out. It’s just insane, something like this has never happened to me.

Last night I was driving home from Pleasantville after celebrating a friend’s birthday. It was pretty late and I had a tough time staying awake in the car. I turned the radio up real loud and my mind just zoned off. You know, when you’re driving and you’re not particularly thinking about anything, barely conscious of actually driving. I’ve heard that’s like a form of hypnosis, but I suddenly found myself pulling in to my driveway. As I got out of the car, that’s when I noticed this strange car parked right in front of our yard. I got this sinking feeling as I looked at it. Then I noticed there was someone inside. I saw this dark silhouette just sitting there looking at me. I was still right by my car door just staring at the person in the car looking at me and suddenly this guy bursts out of his car and starts running toward me. That freaked me out; the guy had something in his hand.

I froze for a quick second; I mean what would you have done? The guy looked disturbed. Something was definitely wrong with him. His cloths were was dirty, his hair was messy, and he had this crazy look in his eyes. Those eyes, I can’t get them out of my head. He was coming right for me and he was yelling something strange, I still don’t know what he was saying. I jumped into my car, it was the only place, I didn’t want to run around the neighborhood with this insane guy chasing me. I barely made it in the car and locked the doors when this guy ran up to the driver’s side window and started punching it. By this time I was in complete shock and terror. My mind was literally reeling trying to grasp at reality. The look on this guy’s face, he totally wanted to kill me. I’ll never forget it for the rest of my life.

And as I sat there in utter horror looking at this psycho bang on my window, wondering how long it was till he shattered it. I finally broke out of the shock of it all and one thought burst into my mind. I had to get out of there. I fumbled for my keys and jabbed them into the ignition. The guy outside was screaming something about my head. I turned the car on and suddenly he was gone. My trembling hand put the car in reverse and I screeched backwards and turned, reaching back and putting the car in drive. Then I saw the guy’s car’s headlights flare up in my rearview mirror.

“Oh no.” I said to myself. This is insane. I kept repeating that to myself. Over and over and over again. This can’t be happening to me. But it’s weird, when you’re in a situation like what I went through, seriously your thoughts start focusing on one thing and that’s all you can think about, and that’s when I went into survival mode. I was not going to go down like this. So I gunned it.
I screeched forward all the while honking my horn. I hoped someone would have come out by now, my neighbors, my family, anyone, and see what was happening and call the cops.
The cops. I needed to call the cops, I wasn’t going to get any help from anyone else, I was alone, my life was literally in my hands. Now I’m not much of a driver, in fact I’ve always said I’m a pretty cautious driver, but last night I threw caution to the wind. I drove over my neighbor’s lawn toward the 2700th west. The guy was right behind me following me.

That’s when I started to ask myself all these questions. What the heck did this guy want? Why me? Who was it? Why was he waiting at my house? I didn’t recognize him at all. I turned right onto the street without looking at any cars coming. I was shaking so bad. The radio was on and it was as loud as it was when I was falling asleep. My eyes were just livid. I kept looking back behind me in my rearview and the guy was getting closer. I made a wild left on 126th South toward Redwood. I had no idea where I was going. The guy was suddenly inches away from behind me and he rammed into my bumper. I started screaming.

I’ve never felt more alone in my life. I started to pray. Please Please, let me get away from this guy. I was going 90 mph down 126th, my car barely handling it. The guy rammed me again. I couldn’t think, but I had to, the radio blasted all my thoughts away, I was petrified. The cops, I had to call the cops. I quickly grabbed my cell phone, and tried to open it, but it fell out of my hands. I really started to panic at this point. I had to breathe. Redwood quickly came up and I made another left, the guy was right behind me swerving back and forth.

I pushed the gas peddle as far as I could and held it there, griping the steering wheel as I headed north now. He tried to come along the side of me, but I wouldn’t let him. It was getting crazy. I somehow ended up with the cell phone back in my hand, I knew I had to call for help. I got it open and somehow managed to look down and dial 911. I don’t think I’ve ever called 911 before, but a calm female voice answered. I was freaked out, I was truly scared for my life and I started breathlessly telling them what was happening. She told me to calm down and focus. That really helped me. Someone else’s voice telling me to hold on. While I was talking to her, trying to tell her where I was, the guy hit me and made my car spin off the road. I dropped my cell. I almost crashed into someone’s mailbox, and the guy hit me from the back on my side of the door. I hit the gas again, and he went right with me, and I made it back out in front of him back on the street. I wasn’t hurt, but my mind was in serious shock, I was running on adrenaline.

The thought crossed my mind at this point, “This guy’s gonna kill you.” I’ve never faced a situation where my life was on the line. You start thinking about stuff. Things you love, things you haven’t done, things you want to do. I started crying, but I was angry. Who the heck was this guy? I gritted my teeth and looked for the phone but I couldn’t see it. I could barely see the dark silhouette behind me in the mirror, it was like inhuman, cold and dark and ruthless. I saw another car cruising down heading the opposite direction back south way down the road. I started honking my horn at the car as I came close, trying to keep the guy from heading to the side of me. I remember hitting my brakes a few times making him hit his. The car sped past me and behind me. I quickly wiped some tears from my eyes. I really didn’t know how it was going to end, it was completely unnerving.

I kept saying help me help me help out loud in a whisper through gritted teeth. Suddenly the guy gunned it and ended up beside me. I swore I saw him smile in the shadows of his car. It was sick. I tried to go faster but my poor car couldn’t handle it. A light was coming up. I didn’t know what to do, should I stop, should I keep going? I decided to go. It turned green just as I would have had to stop and I flew through the intersection. The guy was right there with me, I couldn’t loose him, how was I supposed to loose him? Then the flashing blue and red lights suddenly appeared behind the both of us. I can’t tell you how good it felt to see them. The cops had found me!

They started coming up along the guy behind me trying to get him to stop. Another police car appeared behind the first. I could barely handle my car at that point. I started slowing down and I suddenly wanted it all to end, I was so tired of running, I was seriously hanging on a thread of consciousness and awareness. So I suddenly hit the brakes and turned to the right as I was passing 90th sound. The guy tried to follow me, and hit me, but he swerved by with the two cops in toe.

When I came to a stop I just started heaving in breaths. My heart was pounding something fierce. I was shaking uncontrollably. I could barely move. My hands were still gripping the steering wheel, I couldn’t let go. I could see the flashing lights far away down the street; the guy was trying to get away. Another cop sped by me in pursuit.

I finally got my breath back, and slowly my hands let go of the steering wheel. I let out a deep shaky breath and there was silence. I closed my eyes.

A dark hand appeared out of nowhere over my face! I tried to scream as my eyes flared open in horror. I heard a voice right behind me scream:


Hah! It’s all fake, Happy Halloween! I so got you!

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