Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Pearl - A Poem

The Pearl

Before the world,
He came to me, eyes aglow,
"Go, get the Pearl."

"My kingdom is yours,
You must go down and forget.
Go, get the Pearl."

I went, I forgot
Who am I, what must I do
Black and white tempts me

I've forgotten Him
Drunkenness and Merriment
Is this the meaning?

He sent Him to me,
to wake me of my slumber
"Go, get the Pearl"

"Pleasure is fleeting,
Happiness is eternal,
Now be who you are!"

Take heart, the Sun shines
Glimmers of light give me hope
what I seek, I am

Faith where is thy door,
Pearl of experience,
You will be my quest.

Dredges of sadness,
Slivers of despair remain.
The Dragon I face.

Pain is terrible.
But the soul is larger than
all of the ocean.

Spirit is stronger,
Black becomes only nothing,
I am full of light.

Fly bird of darkness,
Fly to the infinite pit,
There, take up your home.

The fight is done.
I know evil, to know good.
The Pearl is mine.

To the sky I cleave
My quest has only begun,
To meet Him, once more.

Through the Golden Gates,
Past the Sentinels on guard,
There, to welcome me.

"You have the Pearl,
all that I have, forever.
Now rise and be full."

"For you are my Son
And I am your Father,
Happiness, always"

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